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Talent recruitment

Talent recruitment

Network promotion supervisor

1. Responsible for website data analysis, operation improvement, optimization of official website SEO and content maintenance and update;
2. Responsible for the management of search bidding platform, the publication, updating and maintenance of Weixin, Weibo, industry portal forum and other content, and the planned launch of brand promotion activities;
3. Use Baidu Post Bar, Encyclopedia, Community, Qq Group, Weibo, Weixin and other network marketing channels to publicize and promote the company's website;
4. Assist department managers to build the business process system of network marketing.
5. Tracking and evaluating the marketing effect of the implementation of network marketing in order to achieve the effect of advertising.
6. Assist department managers in planning and establishing department management system, assist staff recruitment, assessment and management, and assist departments in planning and summarizing.
Job requirements:
1. College degree or above in network marketing, network promotion, etc.
2. Familiar with network marketing channels, rich experience in network promotion and Internet resources;
3. Be good at using various means of network promotion, master BBS, QQ group, blog, soft text, post bar, community promotion, comment website, question and answer platform and other promotion methods.
4. Skillfully operate the commonly used web page production software and web search tools, understand the relevant knowledge of website development, operation and maintenance;
5. Strong literary skills, with website thematic planning and information acquisition and editing capabilities;
6. Good professional accomplishment, dedication and team spirit, good at communication.
7, 2-3 years working experience