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Analysis of gear manufacturing industry present situation

News Center

Analysis of gear manufacturing industry present situation

2014/10/25 08:00
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  At present, China's backbone gear in Shanghai Automobile Gear General Factory, Shaanxi fast company as the representative of the manufacturing enterprises and Research Institute, technology introduction and digestion products of all types of finished automobile gear, motorcycle gear, engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, industrial gear gear gear box and a high speed and heavy load gear and special gear transmission, gear special equipment and so on, make China gear manufacturing industry over the past ten years has been the development by leaps.

  First of all, the automobile manual transmissions (including heavy, medium and light, micro), car gearbox, motorcycle gear, engineering machinery gear box, large and medium-sized machinery transmission facilities, have basic on the domestic production, basically meet the needs of host plant supporting, and has exported some gears export or transmission box. In the automotive automatic transmission, it still be imported products control.

  Secondly, in the vehicle driving bridge, the main passive spiral bevel gear, straight bevel gear reducer and wheel edges, can satisfy the need of domestic support. To Dongfeng axle as the representative of the driving axle and bevel gear industry is the reorganization and integration development, has seen rapid development of hope.

  Third, in the field of industrial gearbox, SEW and a number of foreign owned enterprise into activated Chinese industrial general transmission enterprises as the representative, in the product series, modular, quality and technical level, the recent five years have make a spurt of progress of development, formed a fierce competition with international brands. China's production of some products have reached the international level, some products have been exported to Europe and the United states.

  Fourth, in the respect of high-speed and heavy load gear transmission, our country has already Nanjing high precision gear Limited by Share Ltd (Nanjing gear box factory), Chongqing gear box factory, Hangzhou advance gearbox group, Zhengzhou Machinery Research Institute, Luoyang company, Shenyang mining heavy reducer deceleration machine company as the representative of the enterprise. These enterprises in the introduction of technology process, made a significant contribution to the development of China's large complete sets of equipment supporting and shipbuilding industry.

  Fifth, special, special wheel drive, such as non circular gear, plastic gears, powder metallurgy gears, small modulus gear , at present our country has not formed the leading enterprises, the Division I will continue to increase investment in R & D and production, China gear industry contribution.
  Sixth, gear special equipment, nearly five years of rapid development of private enterprises, the state-owned enterprise development is slow. Equipment reliability index is progressing most state-owned gear equipment manufacturing enterprises, so that the gear industry's most leading finish machining equipment is still mainly imported. Part of gear enterprise equipment localization of hope are: worm wheel grinding machine Qinchuan machine factory; Chongqing CNC machine tool machine tool factory, Nanjing two captains; the successful development of spiral bevel gear grinding machine; batch Tianjin Yuan Hao company CNC spiral bevel gear cutting machine for goods; Hangzhou Tianchen precision gear inspection tools, measuring tools lubrication, fixture; market service the Great Wall lubricating oil to the gear industry. All of these make the gear industry in China to see the self-reliance innovation, independent development of hope.