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To enhance the level of equipment to help realize the dream of powerful nation of gear industry

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To enhance the level of equipment to help realize the dream of powerful nation of gear industry

2014/10/25 08:00
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  In recent years, China's key industries and key construction projects, such as power generation, high speed locomotives, mining machinery, large-scale engineering machinery, large ships, drilling platforms and aerospace, demand more and more on the major equipment, also put forward more, newer requirements for the gear and the gear box is matched with the. After 20 years of rapid development, China has become a be worthy of the name of the gear producing country, but from the power of the target is far from. At present, the gear industry in China still can not fully meet the requirements of key industries and key projects supporting the overall technical level of the industry, only to the level of developed countries in late twentieth Century 90. Therefore, the manufacturing of gear and gear box has become restricts our country a series of major equipment development bottleneck problem.
During the 12th Five Year Plan Period,Gear and the drive device is listed as the focus of development. This is also the key period of our country into a gear power from the gear power. Gear industry including industrial gears, gear and gear of vehicle equipment manufacturing in three aspects. Logo gear power includes not only the gear and gear technology first-class quality, at the same time also includes the gear manufacturing equipment of the world level. In our country from the gear power into gear power process, level of gear manufacturing equipment upgrade in the key position.
    Difference is power
    The processing of gear can be used in milling, hobbing and shaping to a variety of process technology of gear grinding. Therefore, we can analyze the current status of China's gear machining technology and equipment from the point of view of technology, and the gap with foreign countries
    Machine bed:
    ——Milling machine. Gear milling machine because of its low efficiency in the small module cylindrical gear machining is rarely used, but has been used in large cylindrical gear machining, especially the processing of internal gear ring. Oversize gear because the quantity is less, the milling processing is the main way. Domestic production enterprises of this kind of machine tool. At present, the domestic use of the gear milling machine with foreign gap is relatively small.
    ——Gear hobbing machine. Hobbing is a major means of cylindrical gear machining, used for roughing and semi finishing, suitable for processing all kinds of straight bevel gear, etc.. Hobbing machining large internal gear ring also show good prospects. At present the domestic high speed hobbing machine and large gear hobbing machine with foreign advanced roll gap tooth machine is larger, but the extra large type 10 meters of the hobbing machine in our country has been the world level.
    ——Gear shaper. Than the efficiency of gear hobbing machine is low, mainly used as the inner gear ring, double or multiple gear processing. At present domestic inserted level gear hobbing machine with the world advanced level in the gap is large.
    ——Gear grinding machine. Forming grinding and worm grinding wheel is the main way in the module gear finish machining; gear forming grinding is the main form of large cylindrical gear finish machining, although there have been worm wheel grinding machine 1.2 meters. Modern CNC gear grinding machine can realize arbitrary 3D topological modification of tooth surface. Domestic large grinding tooth machine market almost let Hofler, Niles, Gleason and other international famous companies occupied. At present domestic modulus gear grinding machine with foreign gap is not large, but the level of gear grinding machine with foreign big gap.
    The tool:
    Gear cutter consists of three elements: the geometric design, materials and coatings. Overall, the domestic enterprises in the macro design of gear cutter tool is good, but in the modification design details with foreign countries there is a big gap. Coating is the key factor of tool life, and gear cutting tool coating equipment is largely depends on import. In addition, gear cutting tools to reach the world advanced level still need to make more efforts in innovation.
    Measuring instrument:
    Abroad: Based on middle and small modulus gear measuring technology of electronic generating method is ripe, the typical instrument CNC gear measuring center widely, measurement precision at three level, part of the project can reach the level of two; the big gear measurement usually uses large gear measurement center and three coordinate measuring machine, capable of measuring gear diameter has reached 6 meters; integration gear in the gear machine tool on machine measuring system has become a machine (especially for large grinding machine) part; coupling in gear production line, combined with the gear measuring machine automatic sorting manipulator becomes the vehicle gear for field measurement of main equipment.
   Domestic: modulus gear measuring center is relatively mature, stable measuring precision in grade four, part of the project up to three; the maximum measurable gear gear measuring center is 2 meters in diameter; integrated in the stage of research and development on machine measuring system; gear sorting measuring machine coupling in vehicle gear production line has been put into production; measuring instrument gear integrated error of originality in China in recent 20 years didn't develop, the traditional application market shrinking; does not meet the coordinate measuring machine gear measurement, small modulus gear measuring instrument and a big gear measuring instruments almost all imports.
    The micro gear and the big gear (diameter 6 meters above) measurement is a difficult technical problem at home and abroad, are being explored in. The big gear transmission of measurement values more is the world difficult problem.
   The equipment is strong gear strong
    At present, China's gear processing complete sets of equipment, the substantial progress achieved in appearance, specifications, functions, and successfully solves the difficult problem from scratch; especially of major national science and technology projects (“ CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment ”) for equipment support gear manufacturing, so that a portion of the horizontal gear equipped with the world's top products in China the gap be narrowed. However, in our country there are still some gear manufacturing equipment is blank, and the existing equipment in the reliability, stability, to maintain accuracy, processing efficiency, intelligent level there is still a wide gap in many aspects, to finally reach the international level, also need to carry out technology research and technology innovation system in the multi level.
    In view of the existing gaps and future gear product manufacturing of key technological equipment needs, our "gear engineering technology roadmap" listed in the development goal of gear machining technology and equipment:
    Development of high precision, high efficiency, large CNC cylindrical gear grinding machine and a conical gear grinding machine, change our country large, high-grade gear grinding machine dependent on imports of the situation.
    The development of dry hobbing machine and the hard tooth face gear hobbing machine, special milling and the development of large bevel gear milling machines and other machine teeth.
    The development of efficient hobbing cutter, research and development of tool coating materials and technology, expand the application of hard alloy, CBN development tool; material removal rate is high, long service life, low frequency of grinding wheel dressing.
    The development of high-grade CNC induction quenching machine tool, the development of new intelligent, efficient, low consumption, environmental protection gear carburizing, nitriding heat treatment equipment.
    Development of measuring system of oversize gear laser tracking measurement technology and indoor laser radar technology based on the development of the reign, micro gear measuring machine based on optical fiber probe, combined with the development of coupled mechanical hand feeding, in gear production line of gear fast sorting measuring machine etc..
    On cooperation to promote common development
    After the future efforts, breakthrough in high-end products, make my gear product quality reach the international level, to make the transition from gear to gear manufacturing country power, and make our country become the world gear products exporter, this is Chinese gear industry strategic task.
    To complete this arduous task, need to come from government, industry and enterprise in many aspects such as the support and efforts, more need to gear industry, enterprises continue to independent innovation. Include the following aspects:
    Advocating enterprise mainly &ldquo ” education and research; collaborative innovation mode of combining, organization of joint research, the establishment of Industry University Research Institute alliance. Gear industry in China to form a under the condition of market economy the basic research, product development, process and equipment development system.
    The accelerating gear standard setting, and the formation of system.
    Build a common technical service platform gear industry, accelerate the popularization and application of new technology, new technology, advanced standards and industry innovation ability raise.
    The establishment of gear products inspection and reliability service platform.
    The implementation of brand strategy. This is an important means to establish a corporate image, but also the route one must take Chinese gear industry stronger, towards the world.

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